About Me

I’m Greg. When you hire Sidecar you are hiring me. I personally oversee every event we book, and never send anyone in my place. I’m your bartender for the evening. Since before I was even old enough to drink legally I have been fascinated with the craft and ritual that goes into mixing cocktails. I’ve accumulated a vast library of books about drinks and drinking, many dating back to the years before Prohibition, as well as recipes for just about every drink there is. I have also learned how to create from scratch all the tasty things that go into drinks. I prepare my own maraschino cherries, pickle my own cocktail onions, brine my own olives, make my own grenadine, and even craft my own bitters– all from locally-sourced and organically-grown products whenever possible. Those are the seemingly simple touches that can elevate a drink from merely great to extraordinary.

My interest has not been purely scholarly– I have hosted intimate gatherings in my home for friends, and massive parties attended by hundreds of strangers, and worked the bar at all of them. I’ve honed my skills not only as a drink-maker but as a drinker-educator, and turned more cocktail-naysayers into cocktail-lovers than I could ever count.

Before launching Sidecar I spent years at the helm of an event planning agency, arranging parties of all size and description, and I will use that expertise to help you plan all aspects your event. I have a trusted network of vendors with whom I work, and am at your disposal to make sure that you will not only have a great bar, but a great party.


Here are some comments guests have made about Greg and Sidecar Cocktail Parties:

“Watching him making drinks behind the bar is like watching an alchemist at work.”

“I thought I didn’t like cocktails until Greg mixed me one.”

“If Jay Gatsby and Auntie Mame had a kid, that kid would be Greg.”

“I almost regret tasting one of his cocktails, because it ruined me for just about all other bars.”

“Greg is truly the last of the bon vivants, and de facto curator to this new, lost generation.”