Mixology Classes

Wouldn’t you like to learn to make your own great cocktails? It’s about more than just knowing how much of what ingredient to add to a cup. There are many aspects to the art of mixology, and I’ll teach you some of them. Not only will you learn to build five delicious drinks, you’ll learn how to make from scratch all the additives that go into the drink. We’ll make our own grenadine and maraschino cherries, as well as some other things.

This is more than a lecture on recipes. You’ll learn the stories and lore behind the drinks, and the conversation will go in any direction you and your guests choose.

I’ll bring enough supplies so that everyone can try some of everything, and enough ingredients and mason jars so that everyone can bring home some of what we make as a group. You’ll also get attractively-printed recipes to take with you so you can do it all again at home for your friends and family.

This is an ideal team-building exercise, as well as a wonderful activity for any gathering of friends. It’s perfect at a bridal shower, or at a bachelor or bachelorette party.