sidecar.logoSidecar is a team of party planning experts, headed by Greg Gioia. We specialize in small cocktail events at your home or office, and team with a few carefully-selected event professionals to oversee all aspects of your party. Leave everything to us– we’ll supply a world-class bar, delicious food, and tasteful entertainment and decor.

Greg is a master bartender with a vast repertoire of recipes and techniques at his disposal. During the course of an evening he will not only delight your guests with potent potables (as well as tastily tame non-alcoholic alternatives), he will educate them about the history and lore of drinks and drinking.

Before launching Sidecar, Greg spent more than a decade operating one of San Francisco’s largest event management agencies, during which time he arranged parties and events of all size and description. On the side he indulged his love for pre-Prohibition cocktails by hosting regular cocktail parties for his own circle of friends. Every event was a carefully-curated affair with its own theme and decor, but the centerpiece of each was always the bar. In those days, many of the ingredients necessary for the cocktails weren’t commercially available, so Greg taught himself to craft them all from scratch to insure that the drinks were all properly prepared.

The Sidecar philosophy is true to that tradition: create delicious, artisanal drinks using classic recipes, modern techniques, and the finest ingredients. The spirits are always of the highest quality, the juices freshly squeezed, and most of the extras (syrups, bitters, maraschino cherries, tonic water, grenadine, cocktail onions, and more) are prepared by hand, when possible from locally-sourced ingredients, and contain no additives or preservatives.